TEACH Foundation

Teaching, Educating and Advancing Children in Hartsville

ALO students learn about package engineering


The TEACH Foundation administers a five-year, $5 million grant that funds the PULSE initiative. Started in 2011, the PULSE initiative is designed to supplement academic learning and personal development of Hartsville school children. Learn more

Harris DeLoach, Dr. Rainey Knight interview to air on SC Public Radio
Listen to a podcase of a discussion of the PULSE program. Find the podcast here 

ALO student earns superior rating
Hartsville High School sophomore excels at regional vocal competition. Learn more

ALO piano student wins competition; scholarships to Brevard Music Center
Hartsville High School junior plays his way to success. Learn more

See what's happening at the Comer schools this spring
West Hartsville, Thornwell School for the Arts and Southside Early Childhood Center.

Comer schools benefit from Lunch Buddy program
Coker student volunteers help students build language and social skills.  Learn more

TEACH Foundation wins award for Afer 180 Days: Hartsville, A Community Perspective
The Foundation's follow-up video earns high praise from judges. Learn more

Local panel shares insights into education in Hartsville
Learn more about the success in Hartsville from the people who make it happen.