TEACH Foundation

Teaching, Educating and Advancing Children in Hartsville

Music class

The TEACH Foundation administers a five-year, $5 million grant that funds the PULSE initiative. Started in 2011, the PULSE initiative is designed to supplement academic learning and personal development  of Hartsville school children. Learn more

ALO students share Year 3 experiences
High schools students provide Insights, and explore challenges and opportunities in ALO classes. Learn more

Scoutreach packs stay busy in the Fall
Children go horseback riding; earn belt loops at banquet

PULSE mentor program holds meet and greet
A wonderful group of Hartsvillians joined forces to kick of the PULSE mentor program. Learn more

180 Days Hartsville is generating some buzz
Follow the conversation about this upcoming, extraordinary documentary. Learn more

Coker athletes mentor Thornwell students
Coker College Cobras step up to become involved in community by helping students. Learn more