PULSE is a first-of-its-kind private-public partnership between the Darlington County School District, the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics, Coker College and Sonoco.

After Five Years:

  • 6,565 students at four area elementary schools participated in the Comer School Development Program
  • On average, students increased reading scores by 12-points and math scores by 14-points on Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing
  • The local Scoutreach Division of the Boy Scouts of America helped 358 boys in grades 5K through 5 gain leadership skills
  • 157 community volunteers have mentored 187 students
  • The summer reading program greatly exceeded its goal, demonstrating an average improvement of six months of reading proficiency growth
  • Data collected on discipline and bus referrals in the Hartsville Comer implementation schools have shown a significant decrease
  • PTO participation grew significantly in all the schools
  • ALO served 841 high school students in Hartsville
  • ALO has grown to 112 students choosing from 14 course offerings during the 2015-16 school year