Dr. Comer visits Thornwell School for the Arts

Students, teachers discuss benefits of SDP

Dr. James P. Comer went to Thornwell School for the Arts to learn more about how teachers and students are using data walls, and he found a lot more than he expected. Principal Julie Mahn met with Dr. Comer, taking him on a tour and explaining how the Comer SDP has impacted the school.

“It has been a whole turn around as far as our culture,” Mahn told Dr. Comer. “It has changed the behavior of this school. Parents are more involved, students are more involved. We are truly a blessed school."

Dr. Comer stopped fourth grader Miyon Mungo to talk about his education. The young man had a quiet conversation about how the Comer SDP has impacted his own life.

While looking at the data walls throughout the school, Dr. Comer was pleased to see that Thornwell is on track for the Transition year, year 3 of the program. This is the time when all the framework is in place, and decisions are being made based on data, rather than emotion. It is also when abstract ideas become concrete. He praised the data walls as an example of taking an abstract idea, such as a test score, and making it something concrete for students.