Dr. Comer visits Southside

Children thrilled to meet him

Dr. James P. Comer visited Southside Early Childhood Center during his stay in Hartsville, Jan. 22-24. He spent time in every classroom, engaging children in conversation about the Comer School Development Program. 

In Ms. Sheila Brodie's kindergarten class, students asked Dr. Comer about his favorite pathway. "My favorite pathway is the social pathway," he told them. When asked why by another inquisitive five year old, Dr. Comer asked, "If you don't suceed in the social pathway, what happens?"

The students quickly understood that getting along with others, and creating special relationships is key to advancing along the remaining pathways.

In Nancy Williamson's class, Dr. Comer learned that each student has a job with clearly defined responsibilities. Many of the children explained their roles and responsibilities to Dr. Comer. The class meteorologist said, "I look outside the window and report the weather."

Principal Pat Toney escorted Dr. Comer through the school, introducing him to students in each class.