Around the World in Three Days

International Fair at Southside Early Childhood Center

In early March, Southside Early Childhood Center hosted an International Fair for its students in an effort to teach them about diversity. Mixing education and fun at the fair made it easy for students learn in a creative way. 

Anita Goodwin, school guidance counselor and coordinator of the fair says students gained insight on about the differences among cultures. They discussed character traits like consideration, friendship and compassion, and how those traits surface during interaction with people who are alike and with people who are different.

“They were able to compare things people share in common with different ways of life,” Goodwin adds. “I believe the most valuable lesson the students learned is that even though we are different, we are still all people with feelings.”

The International Fair featured Africa, Mexico and Japan. “It was a school effort to pull it all together and expose our students to various customs, traditions, foods, music and cultures,” Goodwin explains.

“This was an easy way to expand our students understanding of culture,” she adds. “The students looked forward to learning new things about these different cultures.”

Goodwin says the entire school participated, adding that support from the teachers was tremendous. “The kids enjoyed the food and dressing up,” she says. “We are already talking about ideas for next year.”

For more information about the International Fair, contact Anita Goodwin at Southside Early Childhood Center.

(Story submitted by Gabriel Fonseca)