Charleston Symphony Orchestra to visit Hartsville schools

Jan. 21 event to include community concert

The Charleston Symphony Orchestra (CSO) is coming January 21 to perform at local Hartsville schools to promote the arts and encourage students to engage in the creativity of music. Each session is designed to show students how music can tell a story using instruments, melody and rhythm. The CSO musicians include those from string, woodwind, brass and percussion sections. 

A community concert will conclude the day's events, all sponsored by the Sonoco Foundation. The public is invited to attend.

1) 11:00-11:40 AM
Hartsville Middle School, grades 6-8
40-minute Woodwind Quartet performance 

2) 11:00-11:40 AM
Hartsville High School, grades 9-12
40-minute Woodwind Quintet performance 

3) 11:00-11:40 AM
Hartsville High School, grades 9-12
40-minute String Quartet 2 performance

4) 11:00 AM-11:30 AM
A Kidz Place Day Care, Pre-K
30-minute Percussion Duo performance 

5) 1:00 PM-1:30 PM
Southside Early Childhood Education Center, 4-5K
Approximately 30-minute Percussion Duo performance

6) 1:00 PM-1:40 PM
Hartsville Middle School, grades 6-8
40-minute String Quartet 1 performance

7) 12:50-1:30 PM and1:40-2:20 PM
West Hartsville Elementary,grades 5-6
Two back-to-back, 40-minute Woodwind Quintet performances with 10-minute break

6) 1:00-1:40 PM
North Hartsville Elementary, grades 3-5
40-minute Brass Quintet performance

7) 1:00-1:40 PM
Carolina Elementary, grades 3-5
40-minute Woodwind Quartet performance

8) 12:45-1:35 PM and 1:40-2:20 PM (dismissal at 2:25)
Thornwell Elementary, grades 1-5
Two back-to-back, 40-minute String Quartet 2 performances with 10-minute break 

7:00 PM-8:00 PM, Free community concert
Coker College, Watson Theatr

Featuring the String Quartet 1 and Brass Quintet