Two Comer schools recognize students with all-A report cards

Thornwell and West Hartsville celebrate academic accomplishments


Thornwell School for the Arts (TSA) and West Hartsville (WHE) held completion ceremonies for grade 5 students on Thurs., May 28.

Nearly 350 family members came to support students as TSA graduated 77 students at the Center Theater. The school's choir performed a song, and Darlington County School District coordinator of k-12 ELA and Social Studies, Marthew Ferguson, was the guest speaker. Hartsville Rotary presented checks to Amiyah Adams (valedictorian) and Laila McDaniel (salutatorian) for making all As from grade 1-5.

As WHE graduated 81 in the school auditorium, nearly 300 family members attended the celebration. Rotary presented a check recognizing Kristyn Anders (valedictorian) for making all As for five consecutive years.