Coker College basketball team hosts clinics for Scoutreach troops

Scouts practice drills, moves and techniques

Over 60 boys in Scoutreach troops 542 (Washington St.), 543 (Thornwell) and 544 (West Hartsville) participated in a basketball clinic. Each troop spent one hour with the team and coaches at the Harris E. and Louise H. DeLoach Center at Coker College.

Dan Schmotzer, men’s basketball coach and Aric Samuel, assistant men’s basketball coach, gave the boys a tour of the athletic facility. Schmotzer encouraged the scouts to focus on staying in school and getting an education. “That’s your job,” stressed Coach Schmotzer. “These players have a job, too. They have to get good grades to stay on the team.”

Each scout was paired up with a Cobra basketball player and practiced throwing, passing and running with the ball. At the end of the practice the boys used the techniques they learned by playing a game on the college court.

Schmotzer said the clinic was a blast. "The gym was loud and full of excitement. It was just so amazing for the scouts and players alike." 

Scouts earn a basketball belt loop for fulfilling the requirements of the clinic. See more photos on the Coker Web site