Dr. Comer visits West Hartsville

Children discuss pathways with SDP founder

Meeting Dr. James P. Comer was an exciting moment for students at West Hartsville Elementary School. Dr. Comer stopped by to visit during a January trip to Harsville. Principal Tara King escorted Dr. Comer through the halls and introduced him to staff and students.

When meeting a fifth grade class, students were given the chance to ask Dr. Comer questions. One student asked him how he came up with the idea for his School Development Program. Dr. Comer credited the young man with asking an excellent question before explaining that he and his childhood friends had totally different outcomes in life. He wanted to study why that happened.

Dr. Comer also stopped by the Media Center and spoke to students who were reading and working on the computer. He also visited Miss Adams' science class. Although students were at lunch, he and Miss Adams discussed a pathway board she keeps on the wall.