West Hartsville Elementary starts recycling program

Joins city of Hartsville in recycling efforts

Students at West Hartsville Elementary School rallied around three new Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. During an assembly, Jane Hiller, education specialist for Sonoco Recycling, spoke to students about the importance of being good environmental stewards, how to recycle and what can be recycled. The opportunity to participate was sponsored as a service project by the school's Beta Club, which boasts a membership of approximately 15 children.

Hiller provided background into why it's important to recycle and reduce waste whenever possible. She brought samples of both recyclable and non-recyclable materials, and provided some detailed instructions on preparing materials for recycling. 

Also at the assembly was Hartsville city manager Natalie Zeigler, who officially welcomed West Hartsville to the city's program. Although outside the city limits, Zeigler said the city is pleased to include West Hartsville in the program.

West Hartsville joins two other Comer schools in the city's recycling program: Washington Street and Thornwell School for the Arts. Southside Early Childhood Center will join in the future.

For more information on the recycling program in Hartsville, or to obtain blue roll carts for recyclable materials call the environmental services dept., 843-383-3019.