Scoutreach banquet draws families

Capacity crowd celebrates scouting milestones

More than 200 scouts, their families and den leaders attended a banquet at St. Luke Methodist Church on Nov. 20. Four Scoutreach packs from the Comer schools in Hartsville celebrated recent successes and gave the children progress belt loops.

Belt loops are awarded to scouts after completion of the three belt loop requirements in an academic subject or sport. Academic belt loops are gold, and sports belt loops are silver, except for the archery and BB-gun shooting belt loops, which are brass colored. Belt loops are worn on the Cub Scout belt. 

At the banquet, the scouts earned Reading and Writing belt loops after a recent trip to the library. To see the list of all requirements need to earn this achievement, use this link.

Scouts who attended the horseback adventure also earned the Horseback Riding belt loop. To see the list of requirements for this achievement, use this link.

In attendance were scouts from Pack 544 at West Hartsville, Pack 542 from Washington Street and Pack 543 from Thornwell. Southside students belong to Learning for Life Group 500.

There was a catered dinner, a slide show showing the activities since the beginning of the school year, a short program and then recognition of the scouts. Family members enjoyed good conversation and lots of laughs.