PULSE Mentor Program

The PULSE Mentor Program serves students in grades K-5 with a goal of enhancing overall development of the mentees (students) by paring them with a caring adult role model. Volunteers come from all walks of life: the city manager, police chief, firemen, teachers, Coker College students, retirees, etc. The mentor program continues to grow each year. The difference in student academics and behavior is noticeable.
Although the program is voluntary, there are strict requirements for engagement with students. Only committed adults are permitted to become mentors and are required to:

  • Meet with mentee at least one hour each week
  • Attend all mentor trainings
  • Attend annual mentoring celebration banquet
  • Sign-in at office upon arrival to school
  • Return mentee to teacher or adult in the school before leaving
  • Contact the school mentor coordinator to discuss issues or seek advice

Teacher comments and observations

The comments on this page come from teachers who have students working with a caring adult in the PULSE mentor program. 

"The students seem to light up when they see their mentor come in the room."
— Southside 5k teacher

"I have seen a positive difference in both the school and the students since the implementation of the PULSE Mentor program began. The students are so happy to have someone interested in them and it has really boosted their self confidence. It has had an impact on the school as well because it is nice to have community members involved and being partners with us in the education of these children. The Mentor program has brought educators, community and parents together to help our children achieve."
— Southside teacher and mentor coordinator

"My two first grade students who have weekly mentors live for those Friday visits."
— Thornwell grade 1 teacher

"I can see that my mentors have made a positive impact on their child's school experience and social pathway."
— Thornwell grade 1 teacher

"I see more smiles, less tears. More honesty, less disappointments. I see the value a mentor program holds. It's a treasure worth fighting for."
— Washington Street grade 1 teacher and mentor coordinator

"The students are excited about having an adult in their lives who cares about them and their success. They are more attentive to their studies and have improved their behavior."
— Washington Street principal

"Strong relationships are formed through this valuable program."
— West Hartsville grade 5

"Mentoring was beneficial for me in a way that I didn't expect. Each week, I looked forward to the hour with my mentee because it was one hour when I stepped out of my daily grind to be fully present for an amazing being who I know sincerely appreciated my being there. The joy and laughter we shared together in that hour fueled my energy for the remainder of my week."
— President of the Greater Hartsville Chamber of Commerce & Darlington County Tourism.
“The mentor program has provided me the chance to help children become better citizens.  I would not trade the opportunity for anything. This experience has been eye opening, and I look forward to working with more children in the continuing years.”
— West Hartsville music teacher
“The three years I’ve spent mentoring a student at Thornwell School for the Arts have been rewarding, whether reading with her, playing games or simply being there for her special events. I’ve enjoyed taking part in her social and emotional development and watching her grow over time, and this has made it easy to set aside an hour every week to make a difference in her life.”
— Hartsville City Manager