180 Days

Documentary showcases Hartsville teachers, students and schools

The PBS documentary, 180 Days: Hartsville, tells the story of a fifth grade student struggling with behavioral issues that threaten his academic performance. It illustrates actions taken by his principal, teachers and mother as they work together and identify solutions to bring about a positive resolution for the young boy.

  • Experience a Southern town’s efforts to address the demand for reform in public schools.
  • Generational Poverty
  • Roles of school leaders

Learn more about the film, co-produced by the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) and South Carolina ETV, (SC ETV).

After 180 Days

Members of the Hartsville, S.C., community reflect on the local premiere of 180 Days: Hartsville. Interspersed throughout the documentary, glimpses of key community outreach and involvement lay a foundation, but the documentary never delves deeply into what truly makes Hartsville the unique place it is, or concretely demonstrates how the Comer School Development Program (SDP) set into motion the success that ultimately ends the full, two-hour program. This video not only focuses how Hartsville is using the SDP to develop the whole child, it includes an overview of a unique public-private partnership (PULSE) that involves a $5 million investment in Hartsville students in the Darlington County School District.